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The 5 Things I Did Which Took Me From Being The Worst Player On My U15 Team To A Full Scholarship

A few months ago my Mum sent me this picture of the U15 team I played on celebrating after we won the championship that year. It was really fun to see that picture of the team and reminisce about those days and the guys I used to play with. But one really important thing stuck out to me about the picture, and I thought it was important that I share that with the young aspiring soccer players I get the opportunity to work with every week: I was probably the least talented player in that team. But I went the...

Mar 01, 2018

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Character > Ability

The greatest joy of coaching is not in the wins and losses, but in the great privilege you have to walk alongside outstanding people for a short period of time. Often these people teach and impact you in a far greater way than you do to them, and that was true in a profound way for me as I had the opportunity to coach the Liberty University Women's Soccer Class of 2016. Kauzy, Brittany, Holly, Crystal, Bekah, Jaime, and Alex were undoubtedly talented - the winningest class in program history who brought home four conference titles and in the final...

Feb 22, 2018

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